private moon…

Have long been a fan of Russian artists, Leonid Tishkov‘s series, Private Moon. In the past ten years, Leonid has photographed his moon everywhere from The Arctic, Paris, New Zealand, Austria, Taiwan… and most recently China. Man, doesn’t travelling the world with your own private moon sound like such an incredible journey?

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon China

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon Ukraine

Leonid Tishkov Private Moon Kaohsiung

Speaking of your own private moon, I got a bit ambitious this weekend and rearranged all the art in our house – moving prints from room to room, putting some away for a bit and bringing some old favorites out to play– and am excited to see my favorite moon print, La Luna, (and ILY) playing a big role above our bed now!

Am also itching to bring a bunch of prints to our clients, Frantic Framers, soon – especially my Northern Constellations print by Brainstorm (below) and my Illustrated Solar System print by the Geekery (still in packing tube lol). Have seemingly started hoarding solar system prints for a someday baby room – including the little solar system mobile silkscreen below on the right :)

JSGD framed prints

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