Nature’s Neutral

After what certainly was a trying 2016, it’s no surprise that Pantone would declare Greenery 2017’s Color Of The Year. This shade of yellow-green implies that winter is coming to an end, and with it’s exit comes the desire to reconnect with nature, our health and each other.

If you follow JSGD on IG, or any of us individually for that matter, you know we’re all a little plant obsessed. We took this Color of the Year choice as a direct studio challenge to each create an image or print inspired by Greenery, all available for download as desktop or mobile backgrounds.

Pantone Greenery


Emma's Greenery - Wallpaper

Download computer or phone

“I’m giving a shoutout to the push towards integrating the natural world into our everyday lives– taking moments to admire the buds sprouting from sidewalk cracks and the plants filling up our living spaces. Greenery inspired me to settle in, grab my notebook, and take time to admire my own quickly expanding plant collection.”



Mitchell's Greenery - Wallpaper

Colorway 1 (on Green): Download computer or phone

Colorway 2 (on Blue): Download computer or phone

“I grew up in a house that was always full of plants, and that’s probably why I feel most comfortable when I’m surrounded by greenery (both indoors and out). The idea that ‘Green is Home’ means that no matter where life takes me, I can always find myself at home in the presence of nature.”



Meaghan's Greenery - Wallpaper

Colorway 1 (on Green): Download computer or phone

Colorway 2 (on Pink): Download computer or phone

“Greenery presents an energetic youth in my eyes, so naturally I approached this task by creating an Illustrator doc and well….just drawing on it. I typically approach everything I design with thoughtfulness and precision so grabbing the brush tool and hoping that my shapes turn out to look like leaves was a nice change of pace.

Dear 2017, pls bring us a short winter and more GREEN.”



Jessica's Greenery - Wallpaper

Download computer or phone

“For me, greenery represents good health and fresh starts. Every time I see a new, bright-green, bud (or twirl or leaf) pop up on one of my plants, there is a sense of hope that comes along with it. My condo is filled to the brim with them; it’s an addiction. I think in part because there’s such a calming feeling of escape from the hectic city, from technology. Plants truly nurture us if we nurture them – and we all could use a little nurturing this year.”



Janine's Greenery - Wallpaper

Download computer or phone

“You know that feeling when you take a really slow, deep breath and think ‘wow I haven’t done that in a while’ and it feels SO good? That’s what greenery makes me think of. Disconnecting from screens, taking notice of and being amazed by what’s around us and being a little gentler to ourselves and each other. Even this project was a good reminder that sometimes the only way to work is slowly and carefully and that by doing so, you can still get what you want.”