Just For Fun: Fiz Biz

We’ve joked for a while that Jess is the Queen of fizzy drinks – seltzers, tonics, you name it. If it’s got bubbles, she’ll try it. So when her birthday rolled around, we¬†knew exactly what to get her: a subscription to monthly fizzy deliveries. “One has to exist,” we thought, but nope, nothing. So we made it up!

Introducing Fiz Biz, a seltzer subscription program limited to one very special customer only. Each month, we scour the earth (aka grocery stores and the internet) for a new fun brand that we *hope* she hasn’t tried yet.

Of course, no JSGD endeavor would be complete without us thinking through the branding & customer experience (so much so that Jess thought it was a real thing!), so please enjoy, bubble puns and playful design abound.


JSGD Fiz Biz Story

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