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Just For Fun: Fiz Biz

We’ve joked for a while that Jess is the Queen of fizzy drinks – seltzers, tonics, you name it. If it’s got bubbles, she’ll try it. So when her birthday rolled around, we knew exactly what to get her: a subscription to monthly fizzy deliveries. “One has to exist,” we thought, but nope, nothing. So we made it up!

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Nature’s Neutral

After what certainly was a trying 2016, it’s no surprise that Pantone would declare Greenery 2017’s Color Of The Year. This shade of yellow-green implies that winter is coming to an end, and with it’s exit comes the desire to reconnect with nature, our health and each other.

If you follow JSGD on IG, or any of us individually for that matter, you know we’re all a little plant obsessed. We took this Color of the Year choice as a direct studio challenge to each create an image or print inspired by Greenery, all available for download as desktop or mobile backgrounds.

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studio soundtrack: the year’s vibes

Oh listicle, oh listicle…

The end-of-year list season is upon us and, while our inbox and twitter feeds are being bombarded with design trend round-ups, the lists we tend to click on most come from the music realm. Our studio soundtrack not only influences our moods and keeps us bopping in our seats – but inspires our designs, daily!

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studio sip & shop gift guide

To say we’re excited about next’s week’s annual Sip & Shop would be a huge understatement!

This year, we’ve specifically curated a round-up of guest vendors that we’ve long admired – who don’t all have brick and mortar shops here in Boston. We wanted to bring these brands to YOU so you can not only touch and feel their products but get the chance to meet their inspiring owners in person. Along with our super talented co-hosts/studio-mates, this event is a can’t miss for getting your Holiday shopping on!

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