a very organized warby parker story…

If you’ve been following local bloggers on facebook, instagram and the like, you’re probably well aware that Warby Parker was in town last week for their Class Trip tour. While we were too slammed to make it to their bus in Faneuil Hall, we were lucky enough to have them come to us! Not only did I get to try on (and fall in love with the Bensen frames in Olivewood), but we got to chat about the Boston design scene, blogger scene, fashion scene and of course the music scene… :)

Afterwards, I visited their site again and stumbled upon THIS gorgeously-designed page – holy wow do I love this layout! What a great combination of simple elements mixed into a clean grid that both introduces their new Titanium line and helps tell the story of their creation. Great job, guys – you managed to hit the nail on the head without going overboard! The page feels light and airy but still interesting and moves the eye around.

ps my Dad (aka Clement Evan Sutton III) so needs the Clement frames!!

Check out their recap here too – Design Talk.

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